Monday, June 1, 2009

Enza Youkalis - Kevin Youkalis' Wife

Enza Sambartaro Yuokalis has an entertaining resume outside of the office. At 16 had a warrant out for her arrest for unpaid parking tickets that ultimately led to her license being revoked. In her 20's, she was twice found guilty of shoplifting high end clothing and was sentenced to 70 hours of community service. Enza also dated Ben Affleck briefly after his engagement to Jennifer Lopez ended and his marriage to Jennifer Garner began.

You know, earlier we made fun of Mark Teixeira for letting his wife decide where he signed his contract. Well Mrs. Youkilis has a similar influence: "It's a great thing knowing that I'll be here for hopefully the next five years. My wife is from Boston and her family's from here and that's a major factor in us staying here." Out of a fear of Youkilis' beard, we choose not to make fun of him, her or any decision they make together. Is Kevin Youkilis Wife hot? You decide.
Here is a Youkilis Wedding photo.

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