Monday, June 1, 2009

Does Dwight Howard have a Girlfriend?

Well he does have a baby mama. Royce Reed. A paternity suit was filed Friday against Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard in Orange County Circuit Court, asking to establish his fatherhood officially and determine child support and other parental responsibilities. The suit was filed by attorneys for Royce Lyndsay Reed, a Central Florida woman whom he already has said gave birth to his son, Braylon Joshua Robert Howard, on Nov. 18, 2007.When asked about the suit before the game Friday, Howard declined any comment.According to the suit, Reed is requesting the court award "child support determined by Florida's Child Support Guidelines." Those guidelines normally take into account several factors, including parental income, the child's medical needs and child care."Petitioner [Reed] anticipates that an upward adjustment . . . will be required pursuant to a number of reasons. . . . The petitioner also is entitled to good-fortune support for the child," according to the suit.

He is now rumored to be dating a gal named Britney (and once he gets on he'll leave dat ass for a white girl!)

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