Monday, January 14, 2008

Jamie Kotsay (Mark Kotsay, Baseball Player's Wife)

Jamie Kotsay ia the wife of former Oakland A's centerfielder Mark Kotsay. Thank the good lord Mark and Jamie Kotsay are now part of the Red Sox organization, brining another HOT wife wag into the mix. They have two daughters together.

It all started in the late 1990’s when Mark Kotsay first appeared in the Major League. Fans reported sightings of his sexy hot wife. Pretty much everyone agreed that Jamie Kotsay was the hottest baseball wife they had ever seen.

The problem was that nobody could find a picture of Jamie Kotsay. Message boards with thousands of threads grew around her name. The search engines were bombarded with her name. Soon people were wondering if she really did exist, were she really the hottest wife in baseball ? Finally a picture of her appeared on a athletic blog, and for the longest, this picture of Jamie Kotsay was the only one that people could find on the internet and blogs.

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More pics...accdg to caption she's always the one on the left in group pics
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ali awan said...

top to bottom she is hot and sexy
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